Glossary of Terms

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A record of an employer's organization and job requirements kept within Job Bank. The employer's user id gives an employer access to this information.

authorized user

A person authorized by the employer to input or modify employer information and/or job advertisement information.


business profile

A short description of the business, input by the employer. This field is meant to describe the employer organization to potential job applicants.



A city or area within a province or territory.


Person that job applicants will contact in order to discuss the advertisement and/or arrange an interview.



Organization that is providing and advertising the jobs.


how to

Identifies a procedure: "how to do something", as opposed to a "reference". A how-to procedure gives the logical step order of what is being used but does not, itself, describe the components (dialogs, fields, check boxes, links, and so on) used in the procedure.


industry sector/subsector/group

Type of endeavor in which the employer is involved. The industry often describes the product that is produced or the service that is offered. Within Job Bank, industries are grouped into a three-level hierarchy: sector, of which there are currently around 20 (for example, "31 Manufacturing"); a number of subsectors under each main category (for example, "311 Food Manufacturing"); and a number of groups under each subsector (for example, "3111 Animal Food Manufacturing.")



The Job Bank data base has some 25,000 job titles, grouped into some 520 job classifications. Each classification has a unique 4-digit code.

job status

When a job order is being created, it can be assigned a status relative to its eventual appearance as an advertisement: draft (not yet advertised), RTBA (pending employer account validation), advertised, pending (pending monitoring), expired, cancelled, suspended.

job title extension

The extension allows the user to further define or explain the job title selected for the advertisement.



A word that points to information related to the word. Keywords are used to indicate the subject matter in a document by summarizing key terms in a document. Keywords are also used as "search strings" to be entered into a "search engine" that then retrieves information related to the keyword from a document.


mandatory fields

Data fields into which a user must enter information before the system accepts the contents of the web page and opens the next page.



Indicates a web page on the Job Bank web site, as opposed to an online help topic.

placement agency

An organization acting on behalf of another employer to assist in recruitment for that employer. The agency is paid by the employer to advertise vacancies and to screen applicants.



Identifies a description of a component or object in the Job Bank for Employers user interface; for example, a dialog, a message box, a field, a check box, a link, or any other visually distinct item. How-to procedures do not, within their description, describe the components used; such procedures can therefore remain shorter and more straightforward, hyperlinking to the appropriate reference topic as required.


The employer registers their account in the Job Bank by providing information about their organization. This information is validated by Service Canada or its partners.


Service Canada

An office of Service Canada. In some cases, this office has facilitated the display of the job advertisement.


Keep the associated information, but do not display that information on the Job Bank for Employers web site.



Indicates a topic in the online help window, which is the content being displayed in the window. You need to select a link in order to advance to another topic in the online Help, as opposed to a web page.


user id

A code assigned to a user (employer) at the time the employer account is created. This code allows the user to access their Job Bank account.



Validation occurs when confirmation has been made that an employer-employeur/employee relationship will/or does exist.